Xiaohan Zhang, aka hellochar

I am a web developer and creative coder in the San Francisco area. I want to show the breathtaking beauty and awe that is inherent in mathematics and physics in a simple, aesthetically pleasing way. Contact me at hellocharlien@hotmail.com for any further inquiries.

Past Work

Party Quest

Inspired by Twitch Plays Pokemon, Party-Quest is a real time multiplayer video game in which players control the movements of one single character exploring a dungeon full of spikes, trapdoors, and exploding pigs. Designed to be a party game projected onto a large screen, anyone can visit www.party-quest.com to get a set of controls on their phone or computer. The game was designed to 1) be immediately understandable, 2) be playable with any number of players, 3) create a sense of group engagement. The controls are extremely simple - tapping up, down, left, and right moves the character, applying a force impulse. Multiple users tapping together will apply a larger force and thus move faster - if they can agree on where to go. Together, users have to avoid spikes, dodge moving enemies, step over floor buttons to activate doors, use wooden crates as shields, and navigate under icy conditions. It was shown at Multimedia Orchestra's Spring Show 2014 and Maker Faire 2014.


Users direct and manipulate a flow field in space using their body. Using the XBOX Kinect, users used their bodies to create force fields in the shape of their skeletons into open space. These fields would propagate forward over time, giving users the feeling of extending their bodily influence to the far-field.

Gravity 2013

Users control one million particles with their fingertips.


Documenting and exploring building Processing sketches with the Scala programming language.